Molly, Manager

Salon Ultimo Team Member since 2007

With a passionate commitment to ensuring client satisfaction and fostering a safe, empowering environment for my team, my journey in the salon industry has been filled with leadership, dedication, and continuous growth. Before embracing the community at Salon Ultimo, I dedicated three years at Inspiring Champions in San Diego, where I nurtured my skills as a Team Leader and Executive Assistant within a dynamic business education company for salon professionals.

Driven by a firm passion for professional development, I’ve eagerly embraced diverse courses such as Leadership Camp, Champ Camp, Culture and Leadership, Team Meetings and Coaching, Summit Social Media, Summit Front Desk, and Limelight Social Media. These experiences not only sharpened my leadership expertise but also fortified my ability to inspire and guide others toward success, both in their careers and personal lives.

I’m dedicated to making Salon Ultimo innovative and well-known. Despite our success, I work relentlessly to ensure we maintain our leading position and consistently strive for local and statewide recognition awards, such as “Best of” accolades. Through close collaborations with manufacturers and distributors, I ensure our clientele receives premium products while staying abreast of the latest trends. My leadership ethos centers on leading by example—earning the admiration and trust of both employees and clients through unwavering diligence.

At the heart of my role lies an unwavering commitment to surpassing the needs of every Salon Ultimo client. To me, a smile carries profound meaning, and contributing to someone’s joy is the ultimate reward. Witnessing the transformation and empowerment of others to dream bigger and achieve more fuels my ultimate satisfaction. Each day brings an eagerness to contribute my best to our exceptional team; Salon Ultimo is not merely a workplace but a second home and family to me.

Away from work, you’ll often find me traveling the globe with my husband and stepdaughter for soccer adventures or engaging in invigorating workout routines. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is pivotal to me—it sets a powerful example for the younger generation. And when it comes to my beauty regimen, my go-to product is Surface Theory spray, the perfect ally for enhancing my wavy hair with volume and style. If there’s one word to encapsulate me, it would be ‘loyal.’

“This hope is an anchor to my soul” — Hebrews 6:19