Makeup Application $55.00 – $60.00
At Salon Ultimo, we carry Youngblood makeup which is a premier luxury mineral cosmetics line providing a long-lasting, flawless, healthy glow. The Youngblood makeup collection comes in a wide range of colors and shades that will help us create any look you desire.

Makeup Lesson $70.00 – $75.00
10% off any makeup purchased that day only! Schedule a lesson to update your look and experience Youngblood’s makeup collection. Our technicians will walk you through step by step techniques and help you choose the right colors to complement your skin tone.

False Eyelash Application $20.00 – $22.00 (includes lashes)
Add some drama to your eyes with temporary false lashes. Great for any occasion.

Luxury Mink Lash Extensions $200.00 • Fill $50.00-$75.00
These ultra-fine, natural fibers lashes are a comfortable, luxurious way to add length, volume, and intensity to your eyelashes for a completely natural look. Customized specifically for your face shape and desired look. The first fill is free, within two weeks after the initial application. Fills recommended 4+ after that.

Eyebrow Tint $20.00 – $22.00 • Eyelash Tint $25.00 – $28.00
Eyebrow and lash tinting are a smart solution to accentuate your beautiful eyes, create more contrast in your skin tone and hair color, or to just create a more dramatic effect. Eyebrow and lash tinting are simply coloring the lashes and brows to match a new hair color or to darken light hair that blends in with your skin tone. Brow and Lash Tinting typically lasts about four weeks. Consider a brow wax to enhance your treatment.