Chris & Shannon Schultz, Owners
Proprietors Since 2006

Chris hails from Wisconsin and served in the Air Force stationed in California for four years. Following his military service, he obtained an Airframe Power Plant license and spent seventeen years working as a mechanic at Northwest Airlines in Minnesota. Although Chris never anticipated a career in the salon industry, his mother’s background as a stylist and salon owner was a significant part of his upbringing.

In contrast, Shannon, raised in White Bear Lake, Minnesota, was immersed in the salon world from an early age due to her mother’s ownership of a local salon. After gaining nine years of valuable experience as a stylist at her family’s salon, Shannon transitioned to Salon Ultimo. The opportunity to purchase the salon arose at a time when Northwest Airlines was downsizing, potentially leaving Chris unemployed. Sensing an opportune moment, Shannon and Chris decided to venture into salon ownership together. Their decision to partner with the previous Salon Ultimo owners, John and Rebecca, was met with enthusiasm.

The initial phase involved an intensive learning period, working closely with John and Rebecca for a year and a half to understand the intricacies of salon management. In 2006, Chris and Shannon assumed full ownership of Salon Ultimo. Shannon, serving as a Master Stylist, extends her expertise to mentorship and staff education, while both she and Chris actively engage in overseeing the day-to-day salon operations.

Beyond the title of CEO, Chris wears multiple hats, providing mentorship and assistance in various tasks, from troubleshooting salon equipment to supporting the needs of the salon staff, comprising over 32 individuals. Their dedication extends beyond the professional realm; as a family-oriented couple married since 1995, Chris and Shannon, together with their daughters Kennidi and Savannah, strive to foster a familial ambiance at Salon Ultimo. They not only aim to create a welcoming space for employees and guest but are also actively involved in supporting local and national community initiatives.