Jennah, Guest Service Specialist
Salon Ultimo Team Member since 2022

I’m currently pursuing a degree in Sports Management at Dakota County Technical College, where I’m honored to be on the Dean’s List, a testament to the hard work I’ve dedicated to achieving outstanding grades.

My time at Salon Ultimo has been instrumental in honing my communication and organizational skills, both vital in this profession. Crafting a unique and personalized experience for each guest is what I truly enjoy. I take pleasure in engaging conversations and effortlessly establishing connections with our guests. I’m enthusiastic about utilizing this ability in my future career. Over my years in management roles, fostering positivity has been a cornerstone of my approach, something I take pride in.

My commitment to personal growth remains unwavering; I endeavor daily to evolve into the best version of myself. The learnings and experiences gained at Salon Ultimo continue to propel me forward in this pursuit.

“It is what it is.”